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  • Welcome with champagne
  • Seven course seasonal menu
  • Wine-arrangement
  • Water
  • Coffee and friandises
  • One night in a luxury suite with Jef's breakfast
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Arrival Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday
Suite € 330,00 p.p.
Junior Suite € 305,00 p.p.

Arrival Friday & Saturday
Suite € 357,50 p.p.
Junior Suite € 332,50 p.p.

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  • Welcome with champagne
  • Two nights in a luxury suite with Jef's breakfast
  • Three course dinner
  • Five course dinner
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Arrival on Wednesday and Thursday:
Suite € 380,00 p.p.
Junior Suite € 330,00 p.p.

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  • Welcome with champagne
  • Two nights in a luxury suite and Jef's breakfast
  • Three course dinner
  • Seven course seasonal menu
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Arrival on Thursday, Friday or Saturday: 

Suite € 445,00 p.p.
Junior Suite € 395,00 p.p.

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  • Welcome  with champagne
  • Three nights in a luxury suite with Jef's breakfast
  • Two three course dinners
  • One seven course seasonal menu
  • Three days of bicycle usage
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Midweek arrangement, arrival on Wednesday :
Suite € 562,50 p.p.
Junior Suite € 487,50 p.p.

Weekend arrangement, arrival on Thursday and Friday:
Suite € 617,50 p.p.
Junior Suite € 542,50 p.p.

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Salty & Sweet

Texel - Giethoorn
Two chefs working together with a passion for nature and quality.
On the day of arrival you will enjoy a 6-course dinner plus one luxurious staying over night at Bij Jef in a luxury suite including breakfast. After breakfast you will leave to the beautiful Giethoorn.  You will stay at De Lindenhof** at a luxurious suite where you will have a 6-course dinner again. After a wonderful breakfast the next morning your mini-holiday ends.

Arrival on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, Saturday 

Suite 50m²  € 450,- p.p.                
Junior Suite 40m²  € 425,- p.p.

When your stay is on a Friday or Saturday we will charge € 25,– supplement per person per day.
This arrangement can also be booked in reverse order.

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  • Welcome with champagne and tapas
  • One night in a luxury suite and Jef's breakfast
  • Five course dinner
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Arrival on Sunday: 

Suite € 217,50 p.p.
Junior Suite € 192,50 p.p.

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Experience an entirely different world at only twenty minutes from Den Helder, where you sail into the truly relaxing world of the West Frisian island of Texel. Jef & Nadine offer a unique package deal together with Benno Bakker, a dune farmer on the island.

Either in the morning or in the afternoon you set off with this dune farmer on his round among his straying, grazing cows in the Texel dunes. Benno will take you into his natural and wonderful world so close by the sea. You will wander from top to top of the dunes to visit herds of large grazers. iPhones switched off, organizers stowed away in the inner pockets and iPads left at home! And after your refreshing stroll you are going to enjoy the culinary treasures that the island of Texel has to offer in Jef & Nadine’s restaurant. In the evening you’re going to dream away in a luxury design suite.

  • Reception with a Texel beer Skuumkoppe & some snatches
  • 2 Nights in a luxury suite & Jef’s breakfast
  • 1 Five-course dinner
  • Stroll with a dune farmer
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Arrival on Sunday  
Suite € 307,50 p.p.
Junior Suite € 282,50 p.p.

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